About Us

I'm Ember, otherwise known by my screen name EmberXtelle. I started my Instagram account in 2012 when I was 14 years old. I initially became popular online via websites like Myspace and Facebook for my makeup and hair looks - which popularity then translated over to Instagram.

Around 2014, I changed my niche to be completely makeup with a focus on swatches. Makeup swatches are samples on color on a skin tone to show the pigmentation, color, formula, etc. Think of a paint swatch, but with makeup! I quickly grew a feeling that simple finger swatches weren't enough, and I needed to stand out from the crowd. That is when I started free handing swatches, like painting my arm as a canvas.

Little did I know that this would make me semi-viral and I wanted to share my unique designs with the world. After a lot of research, in 2015 I started my first brand - VinylXtelle. I figured out a way to create stencils of designs and here I am selling them to you! 

Around 2018, my brand social media pages were hacked and to deal with this I took a break to recuperate and come back 2019 brand new, better than ever, with Swatch Queen! The brand name is like a trophy I will hold dearly, as magazines and big name brands have always labeled me the original Swatch Queen and I figured what better than to have you guys as royalty too.

Here I am, in 2020, expanding my brand to a full on makeup line - and I'm so happy for you guys to not only join me but see what products I have up my sleeve! I price myself on affordable luxury, uniqueness, and much more.

Swatch Queen supports: LGBTQ+, Black Lives Matter, Anti-Bullying, Animal Rescues, and The Distabled Community.